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(Offer available only to Vlogshomepage.com customers)

How does it work?

1: Buy Pixels here https://www.vlogshomepage.com/getpixel.php , you'll find a video in the FAQ showing how to do it https://www.vlogshomepage.com/faq.php ;

2: You will then receive by Email your User ID number, copy it;

3: Paste it into the Form here Free Tokens Form and enter your Ethereum ERC20 address (you can get an Ethereum address at www.myetherwallet.com);

4: You will then receive in your wallet 12 000 VLOGS (VLOGS) per block of 100 Pixels. If you get 2 blocks of 100 Pixels, you will receive 24 000 VLOGS, for 4 blocks of Pixels you will receive 48 000 VLOGS, etc ...

5: The Free Tokens offer is limited to 10,000 Pixel Blocks (120,000,000 VLOGS).

For more information about VLOGS (VLOGS) and VLOGSHOMEPAGE, you can visit the websites:

Website – http://www.vlogs.cc
Website – http://www.vlogs.cc/vlogshomepage