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 (Offer available only to Vlogshomepage.com customers)

How does it work?

1: Buy Pixels, you'll find a video in the FAQ showing how to do it;

2: You will then receive by Email your Token Code, copy it;

3: Paste it into the Form below and enter your informations and your Ethereum ERC20 address (you can get an Ethereum address at www.myetherwallet.com);

4: You will then receive in your wallet 3000 VLOGS (VLOGS) and 2000 Flowing Hair (FGH) per block of 100 Pixels. If you get 2 blocks of 100 Pixels, you will receive 6000 VLOGS and 4000 Flowing Hair, for 4 blocks of Pixels you will receive 12000 VLOGS and 8000 Flowing Hair, etc ...

5: The Free Tokens offer is limited to 10,000 Pixel Blocks (30,000,000 VLOGS and 20,000,000 Flowing Hair). It can be renewed later.

For more information about VLOGS (VLOGS) and Flowing Hair (FGH), you can visit the websites: VLOGS (VLOGS) and Flowing Hair (FGH)